Furniture Bank: Who we are?


Every night across this country, hundreds of thousands of people are still sleeping in places where no human should have to. Homelessness is an epidemic across America with little hope in sight of truly being solved.

For those fortunate enough to find a home it is only the first step in rebuilding their lives. They still require basic household items and furniture that most cannot afford.

Furniture banks across America are setup to help those in need of furnishings and essential household items. Our “banks” accept donations of gently used furniture, appliances, and living essentials from corporations, businesses, and private individuals.

Here are examples of furnishings we give-out for free and accept for donation:

• Bedroom furniture
• Living room furniture
• Kitchen furniture and appliances
• Washers and dryers
• Desks and chairs
• Dining room furniture
• Pots, pans, cutlery, towels, and other essentials

In turn, we distribute these items, for free, to those who are in need. Recipients of our furniture include single mothers and fathers, immigrants, refugees, teens in transition, families, and more. If a person or family is in need then a furniture bank is there to help you.

If you believe that you are a person or family who qualifies for our free donations you should seek-out your local furniture bank for more information.